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Electronic coil speed

Consistent quality thanks to constant mould filling

Electrohydraulic valves on die-casting machines need a switching on time of 25 – 35 ms under normal operating conditions, although the switching time can be more than twice as long if the machine is very warm, dirty (gummed) or old. It is not just the actual switching time that is the sole criterion here, rather the constantly changing switching times in the switching range.
As mould filling takes place within 40 - 80 ms, varying valve switch-on delays of 10 to 15 ms and more in the 2nd or 3rd phase are inacceptable as they can greatly affect the quality of the die-cast parts.
The upstream installation of a coil speed can reduce the activation time of the hydraulic valves by half (12 ms) and the repeatability to +/- 1ms. This enables a very high level of mould filling constancy to be achieved.